100 Spanish Verbs

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  1. ser (be)  | see conjugation
  2. estar (be)  | see conjugation
  3. tener (have)  | see conjugation
  4. hacer (do, make)  | see conjugation
  5. poder (can) | see conjugation
  6. decir (say) | see conjugation
  7. haber (have [aux. verb], there is/are)
  8. ir (go)
  9. dar (give)
  10. ver (see)
  11. saber (know)
  12. pasar (walk by, pass)
  13. deber (must, have to)
  14. querer (want, love)
  15. llegar (arrive)
  16. dejar (leave)
  17. llevar (carry)
  18. encontrar (find)
  19. seguir (follow)
  20. poner (put)
  21. quedarse (stay)
  22. parecer (seem)
  23. hablar (speak)
  24. pensar (think) | see conjugation
  25. volver (return)
  26. conocer (know)
  27. salir (go out)
  28. realizar (do, realize)
  29. tomar (take, drink)
  30. tratar (try, deal with)
  31. contar (count, tell)
  32. llamarse (call, name)
  33. venir (come, arrive)
  34. mirar (see, look)
  35. presentar (present, show)
  36. permitir (allow)
  37. esperar (wait)
  38. sentir (feel)
  39. vivir (live)
  40. buscar (look for)
  41. creer (believe)
  42. crear (create)
  43. perder (lose)
  44. existir (exist)
  45. considerar (consider)
  46. abrir (open)
  47. trabajar (work)
  48. recibir (receive)
  49. mantener (maintain)
  50. explicar (explain)
  51. lograr (achieve)
  52. empezar (begin)
  53. recordar (remember)
  54. comenzar (start)
  55. pedir (ask for)
  56. preguntar (ask)
  57. producir (produce)
  58. convertir (convert, change)
  59. entrar (enter)
  60. mostrar (show)
  61. señalar (point)
  62. escribir (write)
  63. utilizar (use)
  64. entender (understand)
  65. terminar (end)
  66. ganar (win, earn)
  67. incluir (include)
  68. morir (die)
  69. asegurar (ensure, secure)
  70. ocurrir (occur)
  71. ofrecer (offer)
  72. jugar (play)
  73. gustar (like)
  74. escuchar (listen to)
  75. sentar (sit)
  76. cambiar (change)
  77. aparecer (appear)
  78. acabar (finish, end)
  79. decidir (decide)
  80. resultar (result, prove)
  81. caer (fall)
  82. desarrollar (develop)
  83. necesitar (need)
  84. sacar (remove)
  85. establecer (establish, set)
  86. conseguir (get)
  87. indicar (indicate)
  88. formar (form)
  89. reconocer (recognize)
  90. dirigir (lead)
  91. servir (serve)
  92. alcanzar (reach)
  93. intentar (try)
  94. cumplir (accomplish)
  95. leer (read)
  96. obtener (get)
  97. ayudar (help)
  98. usar (use)
  99. observar (observe)
  100. responder (answer)

Curious about the most used irregular verbs in Spanish? Visit the post called Top 25 Spanish Irregular Verbs.

How to Learn Spanish Verbs

When my friends ask me for tips on how to learn verbs in Spanish, I usually give them these pieces of advice…

1. Learn their meaning, pronunciation, and spelling.

2. Learn to conjugate them. If you would like to learn about Spanish verb conjugation, visit the post called How to Conjugate Regular Verbs in Spanish.

3. Create a story or meaningful examples with them. It will help you learn their use and practice their conjugation.

4. Get a teacher or a friend to correct your texts or speech because practicing something incorrectly can be worse than not practicing at all.

Scholarly Sources

I used something called CORPES XXI to create the list of verbs above. CORPES XXI is a corpus.

A corpus is a collection of texts (plays, film scripts, press releases, essays, transcripts of radio or television news, transcripts of conversations, and speeches), and they can be used to identify the most used words in a language.

CORPES XXI is the most current corpus available in the Spanish language. Actually, it was last updated in July, 2021.

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