Me is a Spanish object.

It is usually translated into English as “me” or “to/for me.”

The object pronoun me can be used to replace direct and indirect objects.

Let’s see some examples!

• Élla me pinta. (me as a direct object)

• Ella me pinta un paisaje. (me as an indirect object)

In the first sentence, I mean that I am being portrayed by a painter.

The second example means that a painter is making a painting for me.

Me is not the only Spanish word that works as a direct and indirect object.

The pronouns te, nos, os work the same way, too.

Let’s see some examples!

• Ana te mandó una carta.
• Ana sent you a letter.

• Ana nos mandó una carta.
• Ana sent us a letter. 

• Ana os mandó una carta.
• Ana sent you [all] a letter.

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